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                                                       We may have  goats available at this time.        Please

                                                         see  our Sale Barn page. 


Our kids will all be GS6 normal and come from a tested clean                           herd.   They will be disbudded (if not polled),  dewormed, and                                       have received their first vaccinations before going to their 

new home.


We have chosen to microchip instead of tatooing   so 

each kid will be microchipped before leaving the farm.

Whether you are looking for udders, good milkers, conformation, polled, moonspots, blue eyes, or just a great goat with a great personality, we  should have something for you!  We have an amazing herd and are very proud of our goats.  We love them very much and  give them the best possible care along with lots of love and attention! 

                                                                             We suspect   that our kids will go fast   so you  are                                                                                   welcome to contact us to go on a reservation    list                                                                            for free.   We will call people beginning at the first                                                                              of the list once kids are born.     However, a deposit                                                                       is  required to  hold  your kid once chosen.                             

We reserve the right to retain any kid born on our farm and will most likely retain a few this year. We will also have a few does in milk for sale in the Spring.  You may reserve one with a deposit.  

Thanks for looking!

(512) 924 - 9556       

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