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The  Boys!

Everyone says that your buck is half your herd....  We have some of the best Mini Nubian bucks you will find including 1 polled boy.  Our boys have excellent milk genetics, conformation, milk stars and champions in their pedigrees along with bonus characteristics like moonspots and blue eyes. 

  •  Green Gables Cali Luna

  •  Green Gables Moonbeam

  •  Echo Hills Bunny

  •  Laz E Acres Finley

  •  Echo Hills Molly O'Malley

  •  Green Gables Ivory

  •  Westwind Acres

  • Cornerstone Farm Portland

  •  and more!!!

Just a few of the Fabulous Goats in our bucks' pedigrees:



Green Gables E Gorgeous "George"  is a Green Gables buck with an outstanding pedigree. The udders behind him simply can't be beat. If you want milk production and does that stand the test of time, this is your buck!

Sawyer profile.png


Sawyer is a stunning buck and we are so proud to have him! He has great ears and a good nose. He has Finley in his background which most of my bucks do. Nice topline on this boy!

More on Sawyer


Sully is a purebred buck that is polled and moonspotted. He is also nice and wide and excellent milklines! So happy to have him! He has produced lots of really pretty kids.

More on Sully
Sully side view.JPG
Tommy 20.jpeg


Tommy is a buck with gorgeous ears and head and lots of bling. He has his milkstar and is a son of Portland and Finley so some great milky genetics here too

More on Tommy


Walker is a gorgeous blue eyed buck with a nice topline. He has Goat Trails, Finley, and Sonflower Ranch in his background. He puts some nice kids on the ground!

Walker front.png
Maverick 5.jpeg


Maverick has the whole package - blue eyes, moonspots, excellent ears and nose and great milk lines. We expect some nice kids from him.

More on Maverick


Sundance was born here on the farm and was so stunning we had to retain him. He has gorgeous ears and a nice roman nose. He is out of sally and Tommy. Can't wait to see his kids!

More on Sundance
Sundance 5_edited.jpg
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